What the 48HFP is?

A wild and sleepless filmmaking weekend

The idea of The 48 Hour Film Project or the 48HFP in short is really quite simple. All the participating teams draw a film genre at the kick-off of the event at Friday evening, and they are assigned three required elements to put in their movie: the character, the line of a dialogue and a prop. The use of these is up to the creativity of each team, but they have to deliver the finished film no later than in 48 hodin - Sunday evening.

How it works

The very first edition of the 48 Hour Film Project took place in the 2001 with just one participating team in Washington. Mark Ruppert, the executive producer of the worldwide 48HFP, came with the crazy idea if a watchable movie could be made in just 48 hours. The idea was great so soon the competition started to spread all over the world, now counting more than 130 participating cities. This filmmaking marathon took place in Prague for the first time in 2011. A brief description of the competition follows, the detailed filmmaking rules can be read here.


To participate at the 48HFP, you must fisrt register your team online and pay the registration fee. The number of team members (cats and crew) is not limited - large teams can participate as well as a single-member teams. The registration for the Prague 48HFP 2019 is opened now!

Friday, October 11: Kick-off and Filmmaking

The competition starts alway on Friday evening – this year October 11. All the participating teams or their representatives gather at 7 PM at the kick-off event: first, they draw a film genre and then they are assigned three required elements: a character, a line of a dialogue a prop. These three elements are same for all the teams. The Official 48 hour time period starts at 7:30 PM - and they way they spend it is completely up to every team.

Saturday, October 12: Filmmaking

For the most of the teams, Saturday is the day for the main shooting. The screenplay is usually written siting the night from Friday to Saturday. The schedule of the shooting is completely up to the teams will.

Sunday, October 13: Filmmaking and drop-off

Most team work on postproduction on Sunday, some of them shoot the last takes. The Official 48 hour period ends at 7:30 PM. This is the last moment some the team representatives must appear at the drop-off place and bring the finished film on a physical media (a flash USB, for example) together with all the required documents. The film delivered during the Official 48 hour period enter the competition and can be selected for awards. Film delivered later are not in the official competition and can be selected for the Audience Award only.

Sunday, October 20: Screenings, Award ceremony & Afterparty

A world premiere of all delivered films in one of Prague cine theaters will take place the next weekend to the filmmaking one – on Sunday, October 20. The Awards ceremony follows the premieres. Teams will be awarded trophies in many categories, from the best use of line to the Best film that will represent Prague at the world finale Filmapalooza witch the chance to get to the Cannes film festival.