From Prague to Cannes

The history of Prague 48HFP

The first edition of Prague 48HFP took place the the 2011, about twenty teams registered that year. The Prague Best films won awards at the world finale Filmapalooza three times: each of the shorts Main Course (2012), Bio Buddy (2016) and A Dog's Day (2018) won two awards at the world level. Bio Buddy was Runner-up for the Best film and was selected for the Cannes film festival.


Character: Jan Torčík or Jana Torčíková, dog walker
Prop: a hairdryer
Line: “Did you hide it well?”
Best film: A Dog’s Day (team: GN a Přátels)


Character: Martin nebo Martina Roop, athlete
Prop: butter
Line: “I want to be alone.”
Best film: Bread with Butter (team: One Shot)


Character: Tomáš Berger or Tamara Bergerová, chef
Prop: a photo of a relative
Line: “You just don’t get it, do you?”
Best film: Bio Buddy (team: Popojedem)


Character: Drahomír Čtvrtník or Drahomíra Čtvrtníková, inventor
Prop: a scarf
Line: “I wish I hadn’t seen that.”
Best film: Christmas Wishes (team: Jiří a Přátelé filmu)


Character: Bartoloměj Novosad or Berta Novosadová, world traveler
Prop: an umbrella
Line: “Only a genius would think of this.”
Best film: Gorilas (team: Art a Kunst jedou do LA)


Character: Jan Oracular or Barbora Oracularová, futurist
Prop: a potato
Line: “Wake up the Phoenix inside you!”
Best film: Screw It (team: Little Cube)


Character: Daniel Černý or Daniela Černá, personal stylist
Prop: a ring
Line: “They used to call me The Captain.”
Best film: Main Course (team: Láska)


Character: Tomáš Kublík or Eva Kublíková, fairytale writer
Prop: a czech bread roll
Line: “Dreams can really come true.”
Best film: No Country for Young Men (team: BulvarART)