Prague 48 knows the winners!

Popojedem won the Prague 48 again

Team Popojedem with directors Jan Chramosta, Janek Cingroš and Lukáš Venclík won 2019 Prague 48 Hour Film Project with their film Good Catch. It is second win for three team Popojedem, as they won the competition in 2016 with film Bio Buddy. Runner Up is Steen Agro’s Electric Dinosaur Films with movie Sirens, 2nd Runner Up No Stress team with David Laňka and Martin Müller and film Ve skříni.




Make a film

The shooting will take place from Friday to Sunday. The date of Prague 48HFP 2019 edition is October 11 – 13.

Watch it in the cinema

The next week to the shooting weekend – on October 20 – there will be a screening of all finished films. You can watch your movie in Kino Dlabačov!

Win a trophy

Winners will be announced at various categories: from the best use of line to the Best film, which will participate at the world finale Filmapalooza. The jury will decide who wins.

The 48HFP is a competition for everybody

A gateway to the filmmaking world

Everyone can participate at the 48HFP. It really doesn't matter if shooting is your profession, you are a student of a film school, passionate self-taught filmmaker or you just want to try something new. For beginners, the "48" is a gateway to the filmmaking world, for experienced ones a great test of their skills. To write, shoot and finish a short film in just 48 hours is a big challenge.

An interesting idea matters, not the gear you have. The most expensive camera itself has never made a great film. Simply create a team from your friend, register it and enjoy this unforgettable weekend.

Hundreds of films made

Comedies, horrors, dramas. And stars on a big screen

Hundreds of short film were made by filmmakers during the eight previous editions of Prague 48HFP. Comedies, thrillers, horrors, mockumentaries, romances and action movies, period pieces. The bond of all the films are always the required character, line of a dialogue and a prop, which gives a very interesting dimension to the audiences experience watching the film at the premiere.

Many Czech famous acrtos and actresses took part in the Prague 48 hour films. For example, Jiří Bartoška, Karel Heřmánek, Václav Postránecký, Hana Vágnerová a many others.