Many-times 48HFP team-leaders

Prague 48HFP producers

David Schöbl a Štěpán Etrych participated at the 48HFP as filmmakers, so they have great level of knowledge of the competition. They met years ago at the Prague 48HFP, each one competing with his own team, later they were rivals also at the first year of Bratislava 48HFP. In the 2017, David brought this competition as a city producer to the city of Brno. Now together with Štěpán they became the producers of the Prague 48HFP.

David Schöbl

Film producer, director, dancer

For David, the world of film connects everything he loves: the music, the graphic and the visual aesthetics, the storytelling, the emotions a connecting the people. He is devoted to the film sice his studies at the University of Masaryk. He left the studies after he finished the Basics of the AV production and he is a self-employed filmmaker since then. He participated five times in the 48HFP as a filmmaker. His greatest success so far are 20 short films as well as the feature „Legend Within“ shot in 48 days in five continents – he got a permission to recognize this act as a Czech record.

Štěpán Etrych

Journalist, musician, filmmaker

Štěpán is a graduated journalist and works as a front page editor at the Czech business daily Hospodářské noviny. He is a self-taught musician and filmmaker. He founded a small independent film production Aquarius Pictures in 2007, he works as a producer, director, screenwriter, DOP or editor. He made 14 shorts under the brand of Aquarius Pictures that has been selected to more than 200 film festivals around the world and received about 35 awards. He participated six times in the 48HFP with his team in three different cities winning the Audience Award in each of them.